Like the old times at WBLM

Dan Pierce
Mon Oct 24 09:37:01 EDT 2005

When I was there the station was owned by Dave Welborne.  His son Pat was 
the afternoon jock.  He now works at the Clear Channel cluster in 
Springfield, MA.  Now that you have jogged my memory, I think the AM was 
indeed switched to a nostalgia format in '83.  I guess by the mid-80s the 
owners (I have no idea who owned the stations by that time) decided Country 
was the way to go.

Dan Pierce
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>> My first radio job was at WCOU-AM/WAYU-FM in 1981.  Back then, the AM was 
>> a CHR format and the FM was an automated Country station.  In 1982 we 
>> switched the CHR to the FM as "94 Rock" and put the AM on the bird (I 
>> forget the format or provider).
> At some point in the 80's, WAYU got a power increase and started to 
> broadcast from the old WBLM tower in Litchfield.
> When I was at WAYU, the FM was country and the AM was nostalgia off the 
> bird.  When Steve came in, he changed the format to "Hit Country" and 
> tried to make the format more hip.  Two or three years later all country 
> stations had taken such an approach, though with much tighter play lists 
> than Steve favored.

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