Severin off WTKK site totally?

Bob Nelson
Sun Nov 20 00:37:40 EST 2005

No more mention of Jay on the WTKK site...a sign that he's heading for WBZ? Even
that "Where's Jay?" page is gone (the one which said that he had signed a deal
for a competing company and they were negotiating with him, and he'd be off
air till a deal was struck).

The "FM Talk Personalities" page had listed Graham (as 3-7 pm) and Ingraham
(7-10) since Monday, but in between them it had said (as of this past
week) "Jay Severin" but with no hours listed (and a link to the
"Where's Jay?") page. Now, Severin's
name is gone. Also there had been some pix of him on the "FM Talk Photo Album"
at various events (Ingraham live broadcast, for one) but no sign of him now.

Who knows, maybe he WILL be back on WTKK...but his disappearance from the site
makes one go hmmm...

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