Christmas 103.3 on Friday

Brian Vita
Fri Nov 18 14:25:28 EST 2005

Bandwidth is still bandwidth but as you improve the algorithm for encoding
and tweak the bandwidth requirements for the subchannels, you have more
elbow room to work with.  For example, the news and talk channels use up
less bandwidth than the music channels since they are not full range.
Likewise, I'll bet that the 40's channel is similarly clipped.  About a year
after they started up, they tweaked the encoding on the news and talk
channels until they sounded like a bad pay phone.  After complaining they
cleaned up.  In the last year they've added a whole ton of "seasonal"
channels such as baseball, basketball, etc.

Keep in mind that their channel assignment is dynamic.  When they use the
Boston baseball channel, it gets bandwidth.  When its off season you get a
low bandwidth message saying that the game is not available.

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> >music channels for the holidays.
> I'm reading differently (unless I mis-interperted something) on one 
> of the XM fan sites, that they are using different channel numbers, 
> but that still some of the channels are being put oh hiatus. 
> Bandwidth is still bandwidth, no matter how you map the channels.  In 
> other news, the promised Canadian channels are live and available to 
> regular subscribers on XM as of yesterday, but not available to those 
> (including me) who only get XM via DirecTV.
> -- 
> Larry Weil
> Lake Wobegone, NH

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