Christmas 103

Dan Strassberg
Fri Nov 18 11:30:31 EST 2005

Looks as if YOU missed something: The stations on your list normally run
only two formats--AC and contemporary Christian. WODS normally runs neither.
But that said, I can't believe that the list is complete or that YOU believe
the list is complete. I suspect that nationwide in the US, after
Thanksgiving, when Christmas goes into full swing in this country, the
number of stations running all-Christmas-music all-the-time (except for
other kinds of programming, such as sporting events, which some stations are
contractually obligated to carry) may well exceed 1000. That would amount to
only a little more than 7% of all US radio stations!

Management has obviously discovered that the format pays and pays well. Last
year weren't there several satellite-delivered all-Christmas services for
PDs to choose from? There should be at least an equal number this year. In
the true spirit of Christmas, those services allow managment to lay off
stations' entire air staffs. I'm sure the staffs appreciate the time off but
probably don't appreciate the "vacation" from paychecks, especially at this
time of year.

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> According to Billboard Monitor, the following stations were
> reported to be full/partial Christmas as of 11/17.  Guess
> their Boston correspondent missed something.

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