Al Franken

Laurence Glavin
Wed Nov 16 13:34:55 EST 2005

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> On 15 Nov 2005 at 11:40, Larry Weil wrote:
> > Yea, last year all the "experts" were saying that AirAmerica would
> > fold right after the elections.  Well, they're still here, so I
> > wouldn't put much stock in the doomsdayers quite yet.
> Agreed.  However, I must say, I think that it would be a serious 
> blow to Air America if they
> should lose Al Franken to a Senate race.
> --
A few days ago I observed that AirAmerica Radio seemed to be developing
a bench.  Over the weekend the NY Times ran a story about Rachel Maddow and
Randi Rhodes;  I believe Rachel is being groomed for a more advantageous
time slot than 5:00 am (when I'm up at that hour, I listen to her on
WLIB, NYC when it's not being obliterated by WOWO, Ft Wayne, IN or splatter from
WHAM Rochester, NY) possibly replacing Mark Maron on "Morning Sedition".
And they already syndicate Thom HartmanThom Hartman and could possibly slide 
him right into Franken's slot.  And they need to find more work for Kent
Jones, a former writer for Jon Stewart's show.  


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