Al Franken

Laurence Glavin
Tue Nov 15 18:12:09 EST 2005

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> our right wing friends said--
> >  Meanwhile AAR has resorted to begging and they had to
> > "borrow" (read: steal) money from needy boys and girls in NYC. (See
> > Michelle Malkin and
> > Radio Equalizer.)
> Umm, Michelle is a discredited right-wing shill, sort of like Ann 
> Coulter, and few of us take her seriously.  

Recently, the like-minded Wall Street Journal took her to task for
jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon with reference to a young
man who committed suicide in Oklahoma.  This may not be her
only transgression:

(This qualifies as a legitimate Boston Radio post because
Howie Carr has her on regularly and Jay Severin used to.)


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