Al Franken

Laurence Glavin
Tue Nov 15 18:06:12 EST 2005

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> I'm extremely surprised...and my surprise is obviously out of another
> era...that Rush's affiliates let him get away with this, and with the
> nearly continuous stream of promos driving people to his web site, using
> the affiliates' air.  Have we already begun slitting our own throats
> when we let crap like this go?
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I've often wondered how NBC-TV broadcast affiliates like it when
during that network's top-rated nightly newscast, the anchor often
promotes shows that are scheduled later the same night on
MSNBC, or less-often, CNBC?  If I were an NBC affiliate but not
an O&O, I might consider delaying the NBC feed, and covering
such references with a promo or spot...but would the network 
let them get away with it?


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