It's official: Graham on WTKK afternoons

David Tomm
Mon Nov 14 16:02:45 EST 2005

All the pieces seem to be falling into place.  Now that Graham's been 
hired and we know that Severino's new show will air live at night, 
chances are WTKK will indeed air it.  I find it interesting that Imus, 
also distributed by Westwood One, gets an extension late last week.  
Did the negotiations between Greater Media and WW1 to run Severin's 
show also involve extending Imus?  It makes sense.  GM was all set to 
drop the I-man as of a couple of months ago, but all of a sudden he 
gets extended.   Then, after removing all mentions of Severin from the 
air and website, WTKK hires a replacement but then Severin's picture 
pops up on the site with no timeslot listed.  My guess is that we 
should be getting a presser soon from GM announcing the addition of 
Severin's new show to the lineup.

Now the question is, which night show bites the dust?  Ingraham or 
Hannity?  Or does WTKK blow out Barnicle, Egan & Braude and move 
Ingraham to middays 10a-1p?

Dave Tomm
"Mike  Thomas"

On Nov 14, 2005, at 3:28 PM, Bob Nelson wrote:

> WTKK has made it official: Michael Graham is indeed their
> afternoon/drivetime guy.
> It's on; also on the station's site, 
> The line up page on the station's site lists Graham, then lists
> Severin but "without a time slot". Severin can
> negotiate exclusively with Greater Media till the end of the year in
> the hopes of getting
> his new show on WTKK; the show is supposed to begin nationwide on Jan 
> 3.

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