interference on 1030....and other things. ;-)

Dan Strassberg
Thu Nov 10 07:38:06 EST 2005

I imagine that, for FM sensitivity, the best currently sold, relatively
small, and very good sounding (but not cheap and only ac-line powered)
mono-only radio would be the Tivoli Audio Kloss Model 1. The AM sensitivity
is decidedly mediocre, but with the addition of a Select-A-Tenna tunable
passive loop, my Model 1's AM sensitivity becomes fully equivalent to that
of my Super Radio III. (I have, however, inadvertently positioned that
Select-A-Tenna so that the enhanced signal it emitted cancelled out the
signal the Model 1's built-in antenna was picking up, this making inaudible
the station I was trying to listen to--WJIB. This is known as shooting
yourself in the foot.) The Model 1 lets you select (via a real-panel slide
switch) between using as an FM antenna the ac-line cord or an external
antenna. An (expensive) coaxial connector is provided for the external
antenna and a mating connector with a wire attached (the simplest form of
external antenna) is provided.

When I bought my Model 1 a couple years ago, the price was $100. Stereo and
clock-radio versions were not available at the time but are available now. A
dealer that seems to do a good buiness in them is Cameras Inc on Mass Ave in
Arlington, a little way west of Arlington Center and the side of the street
opposite the High School. I was introduced to the Model 1 by a friend in
upstate New York who is a real radio buff and classical music devotee. By
now, the Model 1 may be made in China as are virtually all
consumer-electronic products, but I'm pretty sure that my two (or so) year
old unit had a Made in U.S.A. sticker on it. Tivoli audio is headquartered
in the Boston area.

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> On 9 Nov 2005 at 13:27, Sid Whitaker wrote:
> > For what it's worth, I pick up the Pru FMs at very
> > distant points much better than the FM 128ers. For
> > example, 'BCN is a consistent catch at the height of
> > land on Route 2 along the Mass.- NY border, where the
> > FM 128ers are splatter. I had them on US 2 in St.
> > Johnsbury VT last weekend. Not bad. Of course
> > co-channel interference may explain some of this.
> Then again, I've heard WCRB in my car as far out as Chicopee.
> I improved my reception of WCRB in my office by swapping the Sony radio
that I bought in
> 1985 for an older Sylvania radio that I bought in 1968.  The Sylvania was,
at the time, just
> about the top AM-FM table radio I could get without getting stereo.  It
seems much better at
> rejecting these image signals.
> Now the Sony is at home, and I have trouble getting WCRB on it, and the
same is the case
> with most newer radios.  My mother's portable radio that I bought her
sometime in the 70s
> isn't too bad, if I place the whip antenna properly.  I have a couple of
old AM-FM radios that
> have Conelrad markings and vacuum tubes, and they get WCRB quite well.
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