interference on 1030....and other things. ;-)

Tue Nov 8 22:47:16 EST 2005

When John Garabedian used to run WGTR (1060AM - Natick), he would tell 
stories about Westinghouse registering opposition with the FCC any time 'GTR 
they made an application for ANY kind of changes.

Both, because KYW was on 1060....and the proximity of 1060 to 1030 in 
Boston.  Typically, discouraging and delaying anything with paperwork and 
layers of lawyers.

I am surprised that Westinghouse/CBS/Infinity/Whatever folks ever allowed 
the WV station to get on the air....without deluging them in legal paperwork 
and ongoing objections.

After all, in the battle of lawyers and legal actions...the 
Westinghouse/CBS/Infinity legal department can outwit and outlast a smaller 

For a long time, Greater Media opposed WVBF's attempt to move their TX & 
tower to the Prudential Tower by claiming some kind of interference 
possibilities. Also using the phrase "Why would a *Framingham* station be 
concerned about putting an antenna in Boston?".

Now that Greater Media *owns* 105.7....where do you think they broadcast 
from?  ;-)

Bill O'Neill <> wrote:
  It's a kW daytimer licensed to Point Pleasant, WV about an hour nw of
  Huntington. Old time Gospel. The FM is a country station at 99.5.
  Both signed on about 5-7 years ago IIRC.

  Bill O'Neill

  Dan Strassberg wrote:

  >It's been identified as a daytimer in WV, but I don't recall the calls or

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