Last Night WCEC-AM Was On At Full Power

Laurence Glavin
Sat Nov 5 14:55:15 EST 2005

During the Friday-Saturday overnight period (11/4-11/5), WCEC-AM 1110 in Salem, NH
was broadcasting with full power each of the times I checked (they were airing
CNN Radio's Spanish language newscasts right off the bird).  WCEC has been on the
air pre-sunrise while EDST was in effect for a while, which is why I've been
occasionally checking the 1110 dial spot.  Previously, when they were on 
pre-sunrise, and after sunset, it appeared that they powered down somewhat
(either with their daytime DA, or perhaps non-directionally, I really
don't know;  the FCC authorization only lists sunrise-to-sunset power of
5KW-DA, nothing for the time between sunset in NH and at WBT in Charlotte, NC).
But last night, they had enough signal strength about 3 miles to the 
southeast of their array to overwhelm WBT's signal.  Denizens of
the live-free-or-die state may want to check out to see if WCEC
continues this practice.  It should be quite audible from Salem to Derry.


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