Ahhhh!! Boston TV Memories!!

Roger Kolakowski rogerkola@aol.com
Thu Nov 3 19:55:59 EST 2005

Ask the Manager had a great show...it was either Christmas Eve or New Years
Eve (after the "Stooges"?) with a laid back, how things went this year
theme....as I remember ...Dana Hersey after a trip to the Stockyard in a
Santa Suit...it is all very fuzzy to me...


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> TV38's "Ask The Manager" was a really great show.  It was interesting to
> the amount of mail they received from Canada, where TV38 was carried as a
> cable 'superstation.'
> There was another, locally produced, very short lived show from the TV38
> golden age.  It was named "We Don't Knock."  Dana Hersey would take a
> crew and invade various places in the Boston area.  One particular show I
> remember was the one where they raided the different studios of Boston
> morning teams.  Loren and Wally seem to come to mind here.  I actually
> I have that show lurking around the apartment on a VHS tape.
> -Lou
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>  At the time, she co-hosted "Ask the Manager" or "Meet
> > the Manager" or something
> "Ask the Manager" was Ch 38 while "Meet the Manager" was on 56. And
> right now there's a similar show on Ch. 68, "Ask Bob The Manager". Of
> course there was nothing like the good old days of ATM (no, I don't
> mean a banking machine) w/ Dana Hersey, Dan Berkery, Joe Dimino, et al
> ...a real cult show.
> http://www.flyingdreams.org/tv/gallery/atm.htm

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