'RKO launches blogger's show on Sun night

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And even when we got Jerry Williams it was a mix of views. Sometimes, when 
"the govenors" were on, we got conversative views like Barbara Anderson 
wanting more libertarianism and Howie Carr going after hacks. But, we also 
got folks like Ralph Nader and Jerry Brown on The Dean's show too, showing 
us different points of view. That was the classic talk show. Today, it seems 
like it is overwhelmingly conservative with some of those conservatives 
out-and-out lying about "facts" and "figures." But, they aren't the only 
I've read a bunch of books on media - from Bernie Goldberg's book "Bias," to 
Joe Conason's book "The Big Lie." Both made excellent points and then 
ridiculous points. I agree with Goldberg's points about the Washington, D.C. 
cocktail crowd being liberal on social issues and pushing that agenda in 
their news coverage. But when he starts going on about certain newscasters 
being "liberal" when we all know that someone else writes what is on the 
TelePrompTer and when he ignores the corporatization of the media which 
keeps many "liberal" stories about the state of working America, unions, 
etc., off the air, there is a problem. Conason makes some great points about 
the rightwing echo chamber regurgitated a bunch of bogus statistics to make 
their point but to ignore the fact that Bill Clinton got what he deserved 
for lying under oath costs him cred.

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I can remember when we got variuos opinions on most of the radio stations in
Boston and NE.  We got what conservatives called liberal radio from WMEX
(Jerry Williams)  We got what liberals called conservative radio on WEEI.
Now all we get is conservative on the major stations.  Up here in Maine we
do get the otherside on 870 am WLVP.  But mostly the same tired hate the
liberal talk from most every station  on the dial.

Liberal talk in Boston went down the drain when BZ fired Jerry Williams.  It
never returned.  Jerry had to change his stripes to get a gig on Boston


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