'RKO launches blogger's show on Sun night

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@myway.com
Sun May 22 18:51:06 EDT 2005

I don't know if there's a liberal media conspiracy, but there's more than enough left-of-center views out there with news magazines,
cable networks, broadcast networks, papers like the Globe;
many college professors, Hollywood, etc. 

Authors like Laura Ingraham, Bernard Goldberg, and Brian Anderson
have pointed out the rise of conservative talk radio and Net
sites (book publishing, too) came as a reaction to the sound of
one hand clapping.

Imagine a country where only conservative newspapers, magazines,
TV and radio stations, etc., exist. Pretty scary, eh, liberals?
That's basically what has been going on in this country until
recently, only it's been liberals who had close to a monopoly of
opinion. Any liberals out there who can honestly say they'd
cry if the Herald went out of business? They'd love to be the
_only_ voice out there.

Conservative talk radio caught on because it was an alternative to
ABC/CBS/NBC/NY Times/Bos. Globe/CNN/PBS/MSNBC, etc. Liberal talk
radio got a bit of a late start but soon it may rise to be as
popular if not more so. If anything some networks like MSNBC
have started to air views from the other side (Joe Scarborough,
for example) because they discovered that maybe they can get high
ratings by putting someone on from the right. Trying to be like
Fox News.

But getting back to the bloggers, sure, it would be nice if this
new show covers the liberal bloggers too, and maybe they will. But
if not, I'm sure such coverage will/may be found on Air America,
NPR, etc.

I was watching CNN and they had someone on pointing out what was being said on some blogs. Every single one she mentioned was a liberal
blog (and she said they were liberal blogs, too). Thankfully
there's Fox News to balance things out.

No banners. No pop-ups. No kidding.
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