How Long Will It Be Until....

Chuck Igo
Sun May 22 10:31:34 EDT 2005

XM or Sirrius starts selling and airing advertising - you know, like :60
& :30 commercials?

I only ask as while I was at a remote at a Chevy dealer yesterday, the
focus was on parts & accessories, including XM Satellite Radio.
Although I did not make reference to SatRad on the air, I had the
following exchange with one of the dealership's reps...

He: Isn't that great? He asked pointing the XM Display
Me: No, it's not.
He: Why?
Me: Hmmmm... I'm here to tell people to come in and purchase stuff from
you.  Where on the XM Selector does Oldies 100.9 come up?
He: (looking) hmmmmmm
Me: Right.  You got stuff to sell, and you will be losing a very large
portion of your target market when they are all listening to commercial
free, generic Satellite radio.

So, when will it be that SatRads start airing or selling spots?
And when will it be that those who purchased/invested into SatRad with
equipment and subscription fees will be up in arms over the
proliferation of commercials on your radio?

Just wonderin'

I noticed Brian almost made a similar point in regards to the tornado
guy.  In regards to Brian's point - 10 years ago, we didn't have EAS
with automatic activation.  (yes, we had EAS, just not at every station
and flawlessly working)

- - Chuck Igo

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