Stuck in the Orbit of Satellite Radio

Brian Vita
Sun May 22 09:25:34 EDT 2005,9171,1061496,00.html

Tornadoes were touching down all over Iowa, but I wouldn't have guessed 
it from listening to satellite radio. Outside, boiling up on both sides 
of Interstate 80, black prairie thunderheads sizzled with greenish 
lightning. Inside my car the only sound was that of an E! Entertainment 
biography of celebrity rock-widow Courtney Love. I reached for the dial 
and turned to CNN, then Fox, then NPR.


Here's an interesting, albiet flawed article on satellite radio by an 
alleged user.  I take issue with the article in which he describes a 
cross country trip with all kinds of local radio. I think that he must 
have taken that trip 10 years ago...

Brian Vita

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