Globe: The River goes against the tide

Joseph Pappalardo
Fri May 20 01:21:56 EDT 2005

> Also worth quoting from the same article, Nashville consultant Robert
> Unmacht:
> "''No one has been able to tell me of one all-music, no-air-talent
> station that is leading in the ratings that was able to stay
> talent-less for long,' says Unmacht. 'They change their minds . . .
> after the novelty wears off.'"

I'm reminded of when "The Wave" started in LA.

No Jocks....they actually had little "skits" (believe it or not) between
some of the music.  It was going to be a 'radically different radio
station'.  A year or so down the pike (to this day I believe), they have
morphed into one of the typical "Smooth Jazz" formats that populate the
country.  (I think WNUA Chicago started off with this same hype.)

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