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Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Thu May 19 17:57:08 EDT 2005

Donna Halper wrote:

>   in one case used sexually suggestive tactics 

They've perennially chanted "Death to America," blew up the towers and 
want to do more stuff. And when they do, it'll not be retaliation for 
some publicized pledge-week idiocy, but to complete their larger 
mission, to create the United States of Parking Lot.

> as a tactic to break their will, 

Their "will" won't break by humiliation, but, perhaps, they will realize 
how fortunate they are to not have been treated as they, themselves, 
would if the tables were turned.

>  3 years with no charges and nobody is permitted to see how they are 
> being treated, doesn't this lend itself to abuse?


>   I don't care if these are the worst people in the history of 
> humanity-- the fact that we are not allowed to know what is being done 
> to them so many years after 9/11 is not healthy for a country that is 
> supposed to be a democracy.

Absolutely. We should know.  And we don't.  Also unhealthy are dirty 
bombs in the hands of people who want to blow us up because of who we 
are and what we, for the most part, believe. 

> If they are guilty of something, charge them and send them to trial.  
> If they are not guilty, send them back to their countries.  


> But the media are the watchdogs of a democratic society.  Not allowing 
> them to do their job, and then condemning them if they get something 
> wrong, is hypocritical.  

The media have a job to do.  If Uncle Sam is making their job difficult, 
then work harder.  Train harder.  Devote more money to news divisions.

>  Newsweek's error,  compounded by excessive secrecy from this 
> administration, is just fueling radicals in other countries who will 
> use any excuse to riot.    

I agree that radicals do riot, but they need no excuses.   They will 
capitalize on bad decisions by all "Estates" of the American system to 
use such as convenient cover.  And the American media will provide 
plenty of new material in case they get used to humiliation.

Bill O'Neill

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