BRW: Celts to Entercom?

John Mullaney
Thu May 19 09:44:00 EDT 2005

I believe WITS had severe financial problems as a result of what then was
considered a huge price for the Red Sox contract at that time. Jack Campbell
who already had the rights for the Bruins Radio Network struck a deal with
the Red Sox ownership to bail WITS out of there contract. WRKO was never
happy with being an affiliate but at the time didn't want to pay for the
rights. Campbell eventually lost the rights back to WRKO several seasons
later who held them till the 1st Baseball strike. 

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That brings up a question: WITS was Boston's first station to do a mix of
news, talk and sports (it was an NBC affiliate for a while), and it did what
I thought was a pretty credible job.  Why did it fail?

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> >>But some time in the 1970s, the Sox =did= go from 850 (WHDH) to 1510
> (WITS).<<
> That move occurred with a condition:  That WITS was to move their
> transmitter to a better site (they were still in Quincy at the time)
> where they could cover all of the Boston metro.  They moved it, all
> right, but the resulting coverage did not satisfy the Red Sox, and WITS
> was not considered for renewal when their contract was up.
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