BRW: Celts to Entercom?

Doug Drown
Thu May 19 09:32:11 EDT 2005

That brings up a question: WITS was Boston's first station to do a mix of
news, talk and sports (it was an NBC affiliate for a while), and it did what
I thought was a pretty credible job.  Why did it fail?

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> >>But some time in the 1970s, the Sox =did= go from 850 (WHDH) to 1510
> (WITS).<<
> That move occurred with a condition:  That WITS was to move their
> transmitter to a better site (they were still in Quincy at the time)
> where they could cover all of the Boston metro.  They moved it, all
> right, but the resulting coverage did not satisfy the Red Sox, and WITS
> was not considered for renewal when their contract was up.
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