1270 WLAW CP?

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Thu May 12 13:16:59 EDT 2005

I think Taunton is much too close to WMKI and probably also too close to
WRNI for 1270 to work there. WPEP is ND-U. 1 kW-D/227W-N. The 185' tower is
plenty tall enough for 1270--almost 86 degrees at 1270, but IIRC, WLAW had
proposed quite an elaborate DA--probably four towers, and even that that
would be unlikely to be adequate given the proximity to WMKI and WRNI. Nice
try. No cigar.

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> This 1570 talk has me reflecting on what happened to the WLAW 1270 CP of a
> back. I believe it was licensed to North Dartmouth, and I believe the
> (the Karams?) let it lapse after running into NIMBYism regarding the tower
> site.
> To play Devil's Advocate (and appease the "Save WPEP" crowd):
> If the 1270 CP was still alive, would the Taunton 1570 facilites work? (To
> honest, I don't even know what WPEP's facilities are... ND? DA? DA-2? For
> reason, "daytimer" sticks out in my head.)
> Would that be considered a "major change" by proposing to use the 1570
> even if the distance isn't too far as the crows fly?
> And how would that affect the proposed 1270 pattern?
> Just some random questions...

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