1270 WLAW CP?

Sean Smyth ssmyth@psu.edu
Thu May 12 11:47:29 EDT 2005

This 1570 talk has me reflecting on what happened to the WLAW 1270 CP of a while
back. I believe it was licensed to North Dartmouth, and I believe the owners
(the Karams?) let it lapse after running into NIMBYism regarding the tower

To play Devil's Advocate (and appease the "Save WPEP" crowd): 
If the 1270 CP was still alive, would the Taunton 1570 facilites work? (To be
honest, I don't even know what WPEP's facilities are... ND? DA? DA-2? For some
reason, "daytimer" sticks out in my head.) 
Would that be considered a "major change" by proposing to use the 1570 stick(s),
even if the distance isn't too far as the crows fly? 
And how would that affect the proposed 1270 pattern? 

Just some random questions...

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