Joseph Pappalardo joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com
Thu May 12 02:07:32 EDT 2005

> In addition, since the FCC has granted WNSH's upgrade, any application for
> WPEP's current facilities would now interfere with the WNSH signal and
> would be rejected on those grounds.

I suppose people in Taunton might have been able to challenge the WNSH
upgrade application...if they had known about the stipulation that they
would lose their local station.  (The WNSH application has already been
granted at this point, right?)

> And in any case, you can only apply for a new AM station when the FCC
> a window for such applications. The last such window was open last year,
> and that one was the first in more than three years.

"Special Circumstances" might be a premise that for consideration of an
application.  (Since it is not for a 'new' station, but to continue service
to the community....a community that is losing it's station.)

Especially since community members and leader were probably not made aware
of the impact of an upgrade to a station in Beverly would mean to their
town.  (Most broadcast organizations have DC Lawyers on retainer to troll
thru applications, to spot things like this.  But, solicitors and selectmen
probably do not.)


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