Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Wed May 11 18:09:12 EDT 2005

At 05:43 PM 5/11/2005 -0400, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
> >   ...has entered into an agreement with Willow Farm which
> > conditionally provides
> > for the surrender of the WPEP license prior to the commencement of
> > operation by Willow Farm of
> > the facilities requested herein."
>Well, since the licensee is "surrendering" it's license, what would stop
>someone (anyone) from applying for that license?

WPEP is a "class D" station - essentially a daytimer, with no protected 
nighttime service. The FCC stopped issuing new class D licenses more than a 
decade ago, so any application for a new station with WPEP's current 
facilities would be rejected out of hand.

In addition, since the FCC has granted WNSH's upgrade, any application for 
WPEP's current facilities would now interfere with the WNSH signal and 
would be rejected on those grounds.

And in any case, you can only apply for a new AM station when the FCC opens 
a window for such applications. The last such window was open last year, 
and that one was the first in more than three years.


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