Joseph Pappalardo joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com
Wed May 11 17:43:21 EDT 2005

>   ...has entered into an agreement with Willow Farm which
> conditionally provides
> for the surrender of the WPEP license prior to the commencement of
> operation by Willow Farm of
> the facilities requested herein."

Well, since the licensee is "surrendering" it's license, what would stop
someone (anyone) from applying for that license?

I would imagine they (FCC) would look more kindly on someone wanting to
provide local service to the community....than to make way for an "out of
town" station to extend it's signal.

I could imagine all sorts of public persons (selectment, councilmen, etc.)
that could/would rally their support behind someone trying again to provide
local service.

Lastly, with all the people who have been begging for "community radio
service" and LPFM, etc ....it seems odd to me that there are all these
"community" based AM stations that people are signing off and turning in

Interesting that it seems to makes more sense to sign them off....at the
same time there are so many people clamoring for LPFM and other community
based radio stations.

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