And something other than WZAN on 970?

Scott Fybush
Mon May 2 13:59:43 EDT 2005

At 01:38 PM 5/2/2005 -0400, wrote:
>On 970 in southern Maine, long the domain of WZAN, I picked up what 
>appeared to
>be WESO Southbridge, Mass. a few nights ago. I heard satellite country, 
>with an
>ID that (muffled) sounded like WESO, fighting it out with Leykis on WZAN, 
>20 miles south of WZAN. WESO is listed as running 21w, ND, at night.
>And while I'm at it, how about 810 CJVA Caraquet NB, which (like CFTR) appears
>to be operating non-directionally at night, rendering a certain upstate-NY 
>blowtorch completely unlistenable in Maine.

One of the members of the National Radio Club is compiling what we call 
"Saul's List," keeping tabs on the stations that seem to regularly be heard 
far beyond where they should be reaching, night in and night out. CJVA's on 
there, as are the 720 in PEI and the 780 in Nova Scotia.

And my nighttime enjoyment of WWKB has been hindered lately by KRHW, 
Sikeston MO, which is supposed to be a narrow pencil beam at 1600 watts 
going straight north from Sikeston to Cape Girardeau, but which sounds an 
awful lot like it's using 5 kW and its loose day pattern all night long...


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