NERW. 1600 WUNR Brookline MA changes?

tony schinella
Tue Mar 29 18:44:29 EST 2005

Hi all,

Back in the late 1990s when I worked overnights 
there as a board op, and there wasn't a Spanish 
contractor playing music, I would vary the music 
from gospel and sould, to swing and classical, or 
sometimes Spanish music, depending on the night of 
the week. We didn't have any oldies or much music 
available and I was, unfortunately, discouraged 
from being creative. :-) It was a difficult spot 
to lease although there was this one Spanish guy 
who had a popular call in show on Tuesday, 
Wednesay, and Thursday, but he was later bumped 
for Galaxia - who later went under after a few 

Tony Schinella
WKXL 1450 Concord, NH
News Director/A&E

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> At 10:38 AM 3/29/2005 +0100, you wrote:
>>Hi Scott
>>Tuned to 1600 around 0115 EST and heard back to 
>>back rock oldies with a "WUNR" call dropped in. 
>>I have WUNR with SS overnight. Has something 
>>changed at WUNR or am I hearing two stations may 
>>Barry Davies
> Hi Barry,
> WUNR is what we in the States call a 
> "leased-time" station - they don't produce any 
> of their own programming, they just lease time 
> to a variety of independent program(me) 
> producers who want to broadcast to Boston. I'm 
> guessing that you may have caught them during a 
> time period that had gone unsold for whatever 
> reason. I'm asking my Boston radio mailing list 
> about it - hopefully someone within local 
> listening range can give them a listen overnight 
> and report what they're hearing!
> s

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