Boston Arbitrends Out; WJIB-AM Soars

Laurence Glavin
Tue Mar 29 17:37:19 EST 2005

I didn't expect new Boston Arbitrends;  I thought the next publication
of ratings at would be Q1.  But new 'Trends are out 
and WJIB-AM seems to have inherited some disaffected WXKS-AM listeners.
I know it's not polite to quote Arbitron numbers, but let's just say
that WJIB-AM's 12-and-over rating comes as close as you can get to
having a whole number to the left of the decimal point!
BTW, WXKS-AM has disappeared from the table displayed today, although
WKOX-AM seems to have taken its place.  CCU should get its act together
and have Arbitron publish a combined WKOXKS rating.
(Can you imagine what WJIB would get if Bob deep-sixed the
French-language show in morning drive!)

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