Tab article on Air America Radio

Sat Mar 26 08:14:14 EST 2005

Dan Strassberg wrote:
>Springer's radio program is not in any way salacious or titillating. My 
>impression is that
>that show was marginally less dull than Springer's, although it too was
>pretty dull.

Haven't heard him yet, but he can't be much duller than Franken.  Alas, he 
(Franken) is AA's sole "name" act so I doubt he's going anywhere.

>In my opinion, the AAR talent who deserves wider exposure is
>Mike Malloy. He is often riveting and he pulls no punches about his hatred
>for Bush et al. WKOXKS carries, at most, only a couple of hours a week of
>Malloy reruns.

And this makes good radio how?  Other than the die-hard Bush haters, aren't 
most people totally sick of politics and flaming rants about Iraq?  If AA 
wants to make any significant impact, they're gonna have to appeal to 
moderates and/or thinking people instead of just the "Bush sucks" 
crowd.  This means cooling the inflammatory rhetoric and discussing topics 
where they're not totally preaching to the choir?  Is AA trying to be a 
left-wing version of Salem?  Bad radio is bad radio. 

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