Tab article on Air America Radio

Dan Strassberg
Sat Mar 26 07:12:46 EST 2005

Springer's radio program is not in any way salacious or titillating. It even
has some commendable aspects; unlike some other progressive talk hosts
(especially Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller), Springer does not focus on
getting the maximum number of callers on the air each hour. As a result,
Springer allows callers enough time to develop their points. That said,
Springer's program is, in my opinion, some of the dullest radio I've ever
heard. I've heard only occasional reruns of "Unfiltered," the Lesbian show
that AAR is ditching to free up time for Springer. My impression is that
that show was marginally less dull than Springer's, although it too was
pretty dull. In my opinion, the AAR talent who deserves wider exposure is
Mike Malloy. He is often riveting and he pulls no punches about his hatred
for Bush et al. WKOXKS carries, at most, only a couple of hours a week of
Malloy reruns. Springer's show will air live on AAR opposite Miller's, which
is distributed by Jones. Rumor had it a month or so ago, that Miller's
program had the best ratings of any show on WKOXKS. That means that if the
Boston-area stations are going to carry Springer, they will probably do so
on delay. My recommendation would be to place Springer in the 1:00 AM to
4:00 AM slot--replacing Al Franken reruns. I'd also like to hear WKOX give
the heave-ho to Majority Report, which they carry on delay from 10:00 PM to
1:00 AM, and replace it with the live feed of Malloy. Janine Garafalo and
Sam Seder often try mightily and they are slowly improving, but in my
opinion, they aren't yet ready for prime time.

Dan Strassberg,
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> > This week's Tab has an article on Air America Radio.  They're about to
> > celebrate their first
> > anniversary on 31 March, and they say they hope to be in the black
> > the end of the
> > year or beginning of next year.
> And they've add Jerry Springer to their line-up!  Nothing like classing up
> the joint.

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