Somewhat OT: recording software

Larry Lovering
Mon Mar 21 07:57:49 EST 2005

 One way is to install a cassette deck in your computer:

The other is the way you describe, using one of many freeware and low cost
recording programs.  Check's download section.

-Larry Lovering
The Radio Workshop

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> I'm transferring some of old radio programs (from about 10 
> years ago... the cassette tapes are starting to wear down) 
> from cassette to hard drive, with the intent of burning them onto CD.
> I was planning on simply playing said tapes, using a 1/8-inch 
> cable running from the headphone jack of the tape player into 
> my PC's input jack, recording them on the PC, and 
> subsequently burning onto CD.
> 1. Is there a better way of doing this?
> 2. What software do I need to get to handle the recording 
> part? Typical Windows Sound Recorder only snags 60-second 
> bites. Can I get any freeware/shareware to accomplish this?
> Feel free to reply off-list. 
> TIA.

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