Somewhat OT: recording software

Sean Smyth
Mon Mar 21 02:54:59 EST 2005

I'm transferring some of old radio programs (from about 10 years ago... the
cassette tapes are starting to wear down) from cassette to hard drive, with the
intent of burning them onto CD.

I was planning on simply playing said tapes, using a 1/8-inch cable running from
the headphone jack of the tape player into my PC's input jack, recording them
on the PC, and subsequently burning onto CD.

1. Is there a better way of doing this?
2. What software do I need to get to handle the recording part? Typical Windows
Sound Recorder only snags 60-second bites. Can I get any freeware/shareware to
accomplish this?

Feel free to reply off-list. 


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