Uncle Gus Dead At 85

Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Sun Mar 20 17:47:48 EST 2005

  Scott Fybush wrote:

> In fairness, it's a weekend and WMUR is probably lightly staffed. I don't 
> know what time the story moved last night, but I'd bet that WMUR didn't 
> have it in time to do anything much for their 6 or 11 shows on Saturday 
> night, which means the next chance they'll get is at 6 or 11 tonight.

> The Union Leader, if it's anything like most newspapers (which it isn't, 
> but I digress :-) maintains a "morgue" file, and I'd bet that their 
> lengthy article was already sitting there written and ready to roll.

    The NH Sunday News article said that Gus was discovered dead around 8:45 
Saturday morning Hawaii time, which would be 3:45 PM Manchester time. 
Allowing for time for their 4 children (1 of whom resides in New Durham NH) 
and other relatives to be notified, I would say the word of Gus' passing got 
to WMUR & the Union Leader/ Sunday News sometime Saturday evening. I agree 
with Scott that the newspaper probably had the prepared story ready to go, 
all they had to do was fill in the when/where/how blanks, plus add in any 
comments/additional info not already in the "morgue" piece.

   As far as WMUR goes, I thought they had a Sunday morning newscast, 
although I can't find out for sure in TV Guide as Sunday listings start at 9 
AM. They don't have a Noon newscast on Sundays, so I'll have to tune in at 6 
PM to see how they cover Gus' passing. I would think that the news staff 
would be able to access the tape library (even on a weekend) to grab some 
highlights of the Uncle Gus segment that was a part of WMUR's 50th 
anniversary special that aired last year. They had an interview with Gus 
that was taped in his home in Hawaii. Some or all of that segment could be 
used as part of their report. After all, he was probably the most popular TV 
personality ever in New Hampshire. It made the headlines on the NH Sunday 
News front page, I would think it will be top story on WMUR's 6 PM news 
tonight (barring anything else major breaking).

Mark Watson 

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