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Keating Willcox kwillcox@wnsh.com
Sun Mar 20 13:56:16 EST 2005

A couple of points....

Talk radio is still very popular, and it seems to have new ideas and issues 
all the time. Conservatives and libertarians do seem to be able to draw on 
a richer fabric of intellectual discourse, whether they are trashing 
liberals or each other. I do think that radio or TV that has alternate 
viewpoints, much like most FOX news evening shows, has a tremendous 
capacity to elucidate the actual facts on some issue, whether it's a crime, 
legislation, or foreign policy. Some of the debates are quite 
sophisticated, and some of the debaters are really skilled. Not always, but 
for example, the debate on Social Security is being carried out at very 
high level, what's best for me vs what's best for the country, where does 
the money go, what do we owe future generations, lots of really great 
questions, and talk radio and talk TV really can provide more light than 
heat. I love it all.

Liberal talk radio hosts are less talented. Liberal TV hosts seem to be 
much more talented. We get spoiled by Alan Colmes and other liberal TV guys 
because they are both smart and entertaining. Other than Jim Hightower, I 
can't think of a radio liberal personality who is as engaging. Maybe 
someone will emerge?

The very best talk show, bar none, is John Batchelor. This guy is so very 
excellent, he makes the rest of talk hosts seem like dull. He does such a 
food job selling books, that my Amazon account is killing my credit cards, 
but I am enjoying all these new books. Give him a try. And if WRKO ever 
wants to give him up, we would take him in a heartbeat.


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