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> If you ever read that old classic of marketing, "Positioning:  The 
> Battle for your Mind" by Ries and Trout, it stresses the importance 
> of being first to own a particular niche.  Rightly or wrongly, Air 
> America feels there is a market for "progressive talk" and 
> positioned itself to own that niche.  Interestingly, each of its 
> hosts has varying views, based on what I've heard, and ther are 
> many degrees of liberalism. Some AA hosts even disagree with each 
> other on certain issues, which is a good thing.  It's boring when a 
> host (either right wing or left wing) is just so predictable that 
> you already know what they are going to say.  Also, many AA 
> stations carry some Democracy Radio (Jones syndicates it) hosts-- 
> Ed Schultz comes to mind, and he is a centrist on many issues and a 
> moderate on others, but still identifies as a "leftie".

With regard to the "Host" article's dismissal of Air America, it 
is only one short sidebar on page 68 in the print version.  He
says Air America may not last because "progressives" aren't
disaffected enough.  But he overlooks the importance of the
entertainment factor, and I know Billo in VT disagrees, but I 
think that Stephanie Miller and Al Franken are at least as
entertaining as anyone on the right.  As a somewhat public
service, I have registered with the Atlantic's website so anyone
who wishes to do so can read this article and the opinion piece
on Air America.  As previously noted, go to


Then use the log-in of 'bostonradio' and password of 'bostonradio'.

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