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Donna Halper
Fri Mar 18 16:29:46 EST 2005

>Laurence G wrote--
>Just checking:  are you conflating (I love that word) ANOTHER article
>in the mag, the one about Air America's business plan, authored by
>Joshua Green AND the front-page article about the KFI
>(did you know that the 'FI' stood for 'Farm Information'
>when the original owners applied for the's in the
>Atlantic article) talk-show host?  In  the former, Green
>penned essentially an opinion piece, and it's a bit down on

Actually both articles get their digs in at liberal talk, if memory serves. 
The KFI article focused on great talk show hosts, and was written in a very 
confusing manner...  But I found the digs at Air America and liberal talk 
in general rather puzzling.

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