True radio geek dream

Scott Fybush
Tue Mar 15 22:40:27 EST 2005

>On 3/11/05 3:32 PM, "Rick Kelly" <> wrote:
> > My one recurring nightmare is that I am in the studio, on the air, and
> > no matter what do... throwing switches, pushing buttons, twisting
> > pots, I can't get anything on the air. I wake up in a cold sweat.  I
> > haven't been on the air in 10 years, and still have this dream several
> > times a year.
>Mine is that everything in the studio, on the console, CD players,
>everything... becomes intermittent, and only works when it feels
>like it, in no predictable pattern.

I had a weird one a few nights ago - Lisa was doing an hour-long shift (at 
midnight, no less) on our local oldies station, WBBF, but instead of being 
in their spiffy studios downtown, they were in these ratty studios in a 
basement, apparently that of the AM 1370 transmitter site.

(There are not, and have never been, any studios in the basement of the 
1370 transmitter building.)

I gotta stop eating those jalapeno peppers before going to bed...


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