John J. Francini
Tue Mar 15 21:27:04 EST 2005

WEEI has carried the Sunday night ESPN MLB games for the past few 
years.  The only time the ESPN feed wasn't carried on Sunday was when 
the Red Sox were one of the contestants, in which case Joe and Jerry 
would do the game.

My presumption is that WEEI will use Fox the way they've used ESPN in 
the past: as weekend evening and overnight filler. To that end, I 
must say that I think ESPN has better hosts than Fox on the weekend 
-- they're more conversational and less full of themselves.

At least up here in Nashua we've got the all-ESPN-all-the-time AM 900 
to switch to when 'EEI isn't doing local sports talk...


At 19:21 -0500 3/15/05, Scott Fybush wrote:
>At 07:16 PM 3/15/2005, KEVIN GOODWIN wrote:
>>With ESPN sports radio format coming to WAMG and WLLH 890 and 1400 
>>according to the Boston Globe article, both 890 and 1400 will carry 
>>both MLB and NFL games. Does anybody list happen to know whether 
>>ESPN radio carries NBA games and if and when there is a NHL season 
>>whether ESPN radio carries NHL games as well?
>>To respond to an earlier post about WEEI carrying ESPN MLB games. I 
>>don't believe that WEEI can do that. My assumption is that if WEEI 
>>takes any of ESPN's product don't they have to take the sports 
>>format as well? My assumption is with ESPN it may be an all or 
>>nothing deal. Meaning that you take all of their product not just 
>>pick and choose. Besides WEEI can not carry ESPN MLB games because 
>>of their with the Red Sox. Also, according to the Globe article it 
>>sounded like WEEI wanted to break ties with ESPN and go FOX Sports 
>>Radio instead seeing that they are already an alfiliate of theirs.
>ABC will sell the ESPN MLB package without the full-time format 
>under some circumstances, but I'd think that if they have a 
>full-time ESPN Radio affiliate in a market (as 890/1400 will 
>apparently be), that that station would get first dibs on the MLB.
>Hasn't WEEI already had some of the ESPN MLB games?

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