Lawrence/Haverhill To Get New Edgewater Translator

Laurence Glavin
Thu Mar 10 16:51:24 EST 2005

I see in a recent FCC Daily Digest that an application appeared
for a translator on 99.9 in the Haverhill/Lawrence area to be operated
by Edgewater Communications.  That choice of frequency is interesting
because a couple of years ago, a preacher in Lawrence believed that
FM's didn't have to be licensed if they they ran at less than 100
watts!  So he set up a "religious" FM on 99.9 transmitting
from somewhere in downtown Lawrence (downtown Lawrence?)with 99 watts.
The outlet didn't last long, but it proved that 99.9 mhz
could work just a few air miles from the powerful 99.5
transmitter of WKLB-FM.  So Edgewater will pick up from where 
its predecessor left off, evidently from the Ward Hill area
of Haverhill, with a measly 8 watts according to
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