New Maine AM?

Daniel Billings
Tue Mar 8 17:39:14 EST 2005

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> 1120 kHz 1 kW-D (two towers) 600W-N (three towers). According to the FCC's
> AM Query, it's still just an application. The day pattern is a broad
> modified cardioid aimed north-northeast (23 degrees). The night pattern is 
> a
> tight three tower pattern not unlike WTTT's night pattern but with smaller
> lobes behind the array. The line of towers towers is at 132 degrees. The
> towers are 195' so they won't be illuminated unless there is an airport
> nearby. There should be four towers total, with one common between day and
> night. Although the day-pattern minimum is to the south-southwest, the day
> coverage will be OK in the southeast direction of the night pattern.

ABout how much land would that take?

>  Don't know
> what land costs are up there, but the acreage would not be considered
> trivial down here. And you've got NIMBY's up there too. Once the land is 
> in
> hand and the necessary local permits have been granted, I think the
> construction cost will be in the neighborhhod of half a million. Sounds 
> like
> a great chance to lose a good chunk of money.

The usual 1 acre building lot costs about $35K in Richmond.  Larger, 
undivided lots can be had for reasonable prices, depending upon location and 

Richmond is a small, rural town with a traditional New England village and a 
population of about 3200.  There are lots of rural areas of the town where 
towers would not likely cause much controversy.  There are other areas of 
town where towers would be very controversial.

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