Boston Globe Article On Lowell Spinners Return To WCAP

Sid Schweiger
Tue Jun 28 16:22:21 EDT 2005

>>I thought it odd that the article did not mention that there was some
concern among students over the legality of having a commercial
for-profit entity such as the Spinners broadcasting over the
non-commercial airwaves of WUML. Is (was) that a real concern? Are there
precidents elsewhere that would either support the students fear of
breaking FCC rules, or rather endorse the University's right to
broadcast the Class A team's games?<<

To my virtually certain knowledge, play-by-play coverage of sports is
not considered a commercial for the team, even if the team is a
for-profit entity.  If the team is underwriting part or all of the costs
of the live coverage, that fact must be disclosed (sponsorship ID under
Section 317), but that still doesn't make it a commercial.

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