FM DX'ing still possible after all (even in an age of IBOC)

Garrett Wollman
Mon Jun 27 11:02:27 EDT 2005

On the way in to work this morning, I noted NYC stations in on tropo
like the proverbial ton of bricks.  93.9, 95.5, 96.3, 97.9, 98.7,
100.3, 101.9, 102.7, 103.5, 104.3, 105.1, and 107.5 were all copyable.
A good chunk of Connecticut was in as well: 89.5, 95.1, 96.5, 100.5,
102.3, 102.9; some Long Island, most notably 89.9 and 97.5.  (92.3
sounded like 'PRO and not like Howard; 106.7 is so obviously unlikely
that I didn't even try.  105.9 is not much of a signal and I would not
have expected to hear it.)

This is by far the best I've done on NYC from Framingham; my only
previous tally was 97.1, which was probably poking up above the 96.9
IBOC splat but not strongly enough to copy.


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