Is the Boston Herald replacing Dean Johnson?

Scott Fybush
Tue Jun 21 12:56:24 EDT 2005

At 12:30 PM 6/21/2005 -0400, Garrett Wollman wrote:

>No, I am saying that, in my experience, people who like modern- and
>active-rock formats tend to detest AC.  Ergo, the people who write
>down that they listen to those stations can, by imputation, be said to
>have a "strong feeling" about Magic that is not in the least positive.
>(My experience also indicates that the antipathy is probably mutual; I
>bet most Magic P1s have a strong feeling about 'AAF, particularly when
>their kids are blasting it!)

I would disagree, respectfully, with Garrett on at least one point: the 
whole purpose of a station like WMJX or WLTW, at least as I understand it, 
is to be "detested" by the fewest number of listeners possible. These 
stations exist to be the least offensive, most universally 
listener-friendly spot on the dial. The kids in the back seat of the 
minivan might not love it, but they'll at least hear the occasional tune 
they recognize, and mom in the driver's seat doesn't need to worry about 
her kids hearing anything inappropriate. (Neither, for that matter, does 
the management at the NH State Liquor Store, which probably explains why 
the station's on there, too.)

I'm sure WAAF's P1s don't spend much, if any, time listening to WMJX - but 
I doubt many of them would have very strong feelings about the station, one 
way or another.

It's always interesting, in reading this and other radio discussions, to 
see just how little attention these heritage AC stations tend to get, 
especially when compared to their ratings and, especially, revenue status. 
That indicates to me that folks like Don Kelley are doing their jobs right. 
If I were in his shoes, the last thing I'd want is ANY controversy about my 
station. Why break what's working so well?

(And no, I don't take Laurence's comments as an indication that anything's 
wrong with WMJX; those of us who've been on the list for years know that 
Laurence wants something from his radio that his radio, in this day and 
age, isn't going to give him. We can argue at length about whether that's a 
good thing or not; but it's unlikely to change.)


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