WCBS-FM format change featured on NBC Nightly News

Chuck Igo chuckigo@maine.rr.com
Sat Jun 18 14:11:25 EDT 2005

My saddened broadcast-bro Matthew wrote:
<< (snip)
   Silly story to go with this whole situation: I
first found out about the format change the day after
it happened (Saturday night, to be exact).  I was out
in Fairfield CT with my girlfriend visiting a friend
of mine, and on the way home I tuned in 101.1 to hear
Love and Rockets 'So Alive' followed by a Jack-FM
liner.  When I heard that Jack-FM liner, I was like
"NO WAY!  THEY DIDN'T!" and my girlfriend, who's not a
radio geek at all, was like "didn't what?"  >>

My reaction was comparable to yours (I actually exlaimed "no, they
while I was at the household computer when I caught the "bulletin."  
My wife was thinking that somebody died.
My bride has been with me since my first radio gig in 19-aught-something

and very much understands the whole concept of radio people (we don't
the songs, we listen to the announcers & commercials; and we never, ever
stay on the same station longer than 6 minutes, unless it's a baseball
hockey game)
When I explained the switch of WCBS-FM was not a great omen to those of
currently employed in traditional Oldies formats, she then understood
extent of my reaction.

Of course, once the entire radio spectrum is filled with "Jack" type
then stations will start to once again carve out a niche to better suit
target portion of an audience and suddenly, there will be formats again.

And on a note of WCBS-FM staffers, with all due respect to Mr. Dolenz,
are more than a few of us who have put heart & soul into broadcasting
are tired of watching "Names" get prime, major-market gigs for which we
been aiming all these years.  Sorry, Mickey, love your records (and was
a member of the Monkees fan club back in the day), but I'm not lamenting
sudden under-employment.  And yes, I feel the same way about Danny

- - Chuck (I feel your pain) Igo

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