Rex Trailer's Boomtown

Gary's Ice Cream
Sat Jun 18 14:04:48 EDT 2005

I'm just sitting in front of the tv in what I can best desribe as "Nostalgia
Overload" having just watched the "Rex Trailer's Boomtown" special on
Channel 4.
Memories that have been stored for 40 years have all come flooding back.
Nice to see Donna Halper, Larry Glick, Jess Cain and so many more as part of
the tribute.

Anybody that wants to chat about it - feel free to join me tonight at
midnite on WCAP's "After Midnite with Gary Francis"   - the call in number
starting at midnite is 978-441-2540, let's talk about Rex.

-Gary Francis
TalkRadio 980 WCAP

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