WCBS-FM format change featured on NBC Nightly News

Matthew Osborne mattosborne1976@yahoo.com
Sat Jun 18 10:44:53 EDT 2005

Did anybody catch NBC Nightly News Thursday night? 
They did a report on the decline of the oldies format
over the past couple years, and of course the biggest
part of the story was the change of WCBS-FM away from
oldies, complete with an interview with Cousin Brucie

   Silly story to go with this whole situation: I
first found out about the format change the day after
it happened (Saturday night, to be exact).  I was out
in Fairfield CT with my girlfriend visiting a friend
of mine, and on the way home I tuned in 101.1 to hear
Love and Rockets 'So Alive' followed by a Jack-FM
liner.  When I heard that Jack-FM liner, I was like
"NO WAY!  THEY DIDN'T!" and my girlfriend, who's not a
radio geek at all, was like "didn't what?"  After I
explained to her that WCBS-FM was not only one of the
biggest oldies stations in the US, but one of the
original stations that created the format, she was
like "so, whats the big deal?  They changed, big
whoop!"  She's carried that through, and has told me a
couple times how amazed she was at how much that
format change affected me and doesn't understand why
I've make such a big deal out of it.  Then I proceeded
to show her that it made not only Yahoo's news
website, but also the many other places it has showed
up, culimnating with the national NBC Nightly News
story.  I wonder if she's finally starting to get it? 

    Oh well, I guess not all of us are hard core radio
geeks (as I'm sure everyone else on ths list can

                                   Matt Osborne
                                   Latham, NY
(formerly of Poughkeepsie, yes I moved again.  The
scary part is - I'm not even working in radio anymore)

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