Is the Boston Herald replacing Dean Johnson?

Joseph Pappalardo
Sat Jun 18 02:52:52 EDT 2005

>  I once commented
> about my enforced exposure to WMJX at a car dealership and the
> NH State liquor store in Salem and the unendurable misery of same;
> gobbled up by G.M.  WSSH-FM's antenna location smack in the middle
> of the Merrimack Valley caused it to be played in many places from
> NH to Rockport, Mass.  Between the two of them, I developed a pretty
> good idea how such a station sounds.

And you think WMJX and the former WSSH sound the same?

> Here's something odd:  WMJX indeed is among the highest-rated
> stations playing recorded material, but in spite of Mr. Kelley's
> remark above,  not many people have a strong feeling about it,
> comparatively few people here or at offer
> opinions one way or the other...

Well, lets have a show of hands.

How many 25-54 females are on this list?

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