Is the Boston Herald replacing Dean Johnson?

Donna Halper
Thu Jun 16 20:12:28 EDT 2005

>Larry asked--
>Is Dean qualified to report on all media, or is he strictly a radio and 
>music reporter?  I noticed today's Herald had a two page spread of media 
>stories in the business section.  Perhaps they want someone who will 
>approach media from more of a business viewpoint.

Dean has done general reporting as well as music, business, pop culture, 
and media criticism.  I really think this is all about the benjamins-- the 
older reporters made more money and had better contracts, so as management 
sees it, let's save the salary and bring in newer and younger people who 
will do the job for less.  Now, I am all for having new people with new 
perspectives, but throwing aside all of the experience and institutional 
memory (and discipline) of the veterans strikes me as being penny wise and 
dollar foolish.    

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