WESO Southbridge newspaper article

Rick Kelly rickkelly@gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 14:27:07 EDT 2005

On 6/15/05, Scott Fybush <scott@fybush.com> wrote:

> I can't speak for how WESO or WGAW does it, but I suspect WARE's not a
> money-losing operation. It may not make a fortune in sales, but Marshall
> (and Dennis Jackson, the station's spiritual godfather) have found a decent
> way to retain a local morning show and automate most of the rest of the day
> without sounding out-of-town. IIRC, WARE is basically a one-man operation,
> and I'd have to imagine it's a profitable one.

They have actually gotten to be a little more live sounding over the
past few months (being a frequent listener...).  They now have
marshall and Jeff Barna doing mid-days and afternoon drive, it sounds
like they voice track that same day.  The also run what appear to be
brokered time telephone talk shows fairly frequently.  I'm sure the
station is doing okay... it's well done!

Rick Kelly

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