The old WGAW

Donna Halper
Fri Jun 10 13:24:25 EDT 2005

At 10:07 AM 6/10/2005 -0700, RBB wrote:
>Does anyone remember WGAW studios at one time, being in a large brick 
>building in Gardner, occupying the corner of (what looked to me to be) a 
>gymnasium with a shiny floor or an open room?  The board was with two 
>turntables and a couple of 45rpm players (yes, back to the old days of 45's...)

I'll look up what addresses I have for the station, but I know that until 
the fall of 1953, the station was known as WHOB, and it was in the Colonial 
Hotel;  the antenna site was supposed to be on Green Street (for those who 
know the Gardner area).  When it was sold in October of 1953, I assume the 
new owners not only changed its name to WGAW but also moved it, since the 
old owners (including an attorney named Owen Hoban-- from whence the WHOB 
calls came) were the ones with the deal to have studios in the hotel. I am 
working on a list of dates for some of the suburban stations, so that we 
can bring the Boston Radio Archives more up to date-- a lot of small 
stations, while not in Boston, provided Boston radio with a number of 
d.j.'s, so we may as well record some of the history of those stations. 

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